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Mailbox lock replacement for home and business

Locksmith in Richardson offer Mailbox lock rekey or replace for residential customers who misplace their mailbox lock keys or commercial tenants that just move in to a new unit and need a mailbox rekey, whatever the case maybe Giddy Up Locksmith Richardson TX is your best choice.


Locksmith pros that you can trust in changing your mailbox lock professionally under guidance of USPS regulations. 

Mailbox lock replacement is recommended when :

  • moving in to a new home or office.

  • keys misplaced.

  • key keep getting stuck in lock.

  • theft or vandalism .

Giddy Up Locksmith Richardson is local!

Our  locksmith team offer a Fast response to all Richardson clients so if you are locked out of your mailbox and you can't wait to get that amazon package, you can relay on our Giddy Up Locksmith team in Richardson to help.

All of our mobile locksmith staff carry the necessary tools and equipment to assist unlocking your mailbox lock and replace it if needed.

Affordability is key !.

Now days with inflation breathing down our neck, unexpected expenses can be very stressful for a standard Richardson resident, after all loosing your mailbox key and calling a locksmith to replace it, is an unexpected bill.

Giddy Up locksmith Richardson understand that and we try to keep mailbox lock lockout and lock replacement affordable and discounted as possible cause we understand budget .

Always choose local always choose Giddy as your mailbox lock provider

Having a local locksmith in your area can benefit you greatly with a fast response and lower price than other out of the area locksmiths.


Experience is key when it comes to working on mailbox locks and unlocking them.

Not a lot of locksmiths carry the wisdom and hacks to improvise while on service call every mailbox lock is different hence why its beneficial to have.

 Before you pick your locksmith pro for your mailbox lock service please verify the company is:

  • Licensed and insured in accordance with DPS Texas.

  • Previous Experience of working on mailbox locks .

  • Carry the necessary equipment to unlock a mailbox lock and mailbox parts in accordance with USPS.

  • Can offer a quote over the phone a locksmith who know what he is doing should be able to mention a price over the phone.

  • backup their work by giving  a warranty.

Giddy Up locksmith Richardson is a reliable locksmith service operates 7 days a week in Richardson located strategically on the central expressway ready to assist if you are in need of an emergency locksmith service or just a same day service for your mailbox lock replacement, we are licensed insured and all of our work is backed with a 90 day warranty .

Install a mailbox lock by a locksmith service in Richardson you can trust ! choose smart, choose Giddy !

For more information on Residential locksmith please visit our service page.

Please contact us to schedule service for your secondary key or remote and enjoy a 10% off discount using code #Carkey10
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