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Refresh ECU Toyota 

Car locksmith in Richardson TX can help with early Toyota car models that need a Reflash ECU after a key recovery or when adding a key to the vehicle's memory.


Among standard replacement car key service and car key programming, our car locksmith staff also handle Toyota Refresh ECU service for early Toyota models in an all keys lost scenario or duplicating an early Toyota car key for vehicles with an immobilizer system with no master key present.

before we explain what a Reflash means we have to understand the basics.


Vehicle Anti theft immobilizer system.
An immobilizer system is a solution created by vehicle manufacture to prevent or at least reduce the car theft problem.   

An immobilizer system is adding an electronic security feature to the standard mechanical ignition.By embedding a micro chip inside the key also know as Transponder,that will be programmed to the vehicle's memory. When a car recognizes the correct signal from the key it will allow the car to start.

Transponder key programming.

Majority of the late model vehicles and early models can be programmed directly thru the OBD2 plug by connecting a car key programmer directly to the vehicle data link connector and by that reset the immobilizer and add new keys or reprogram old keys.

Sounds great and somewhat convenient, however Toyota between the years 1999-2004 decided to make transponder key programming a little harder. 

On the Toyota early models the immobilizer system works a little different and so trying to program directly thru obd2 plug will not work, you will have to physically remove the Engine Control Unit of the vehicle, locate the eprom chip reset it and input the new data for the new keys directly into the chip using probes and eprom interface.


The process is call Reflash and thats why if you own the following models bellow and you lost your keys had them stolen or broke in order to get a replacement Toyota key you will need a reflash ECU service.

Toyota refresh ECU vehicle list :

Toyota Prius 2001-2004

Toyota Camry 1999-2003

Toyota 4Runner 1999-2003

Toyota RAV4 2002-2003

Toyota Sequia 2001-2004

Toyota Solara 1998-2004

Toyota Sienna 1998-2004

Toyota Reflash ecu service is available on the go !

Giddy Up Locksmith Richardson offer a mobile locksmith service for replacement car keys and refresh ECU service for Toyota and Lexus models we offer service for the whole DFW metro area and car locksmith services at the DFW airport and love field airport. 

Affordable locksmith service locally owned and operated serving Dallas county customers for over 10 years offer great specials on car key replacement, car key programming and ECU refresh service.

For more information on car key replacement please visit our service page.

locksmith reflash ecu
Toyota reflash ECU
Toyota reflash ecu
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